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Books to enable your child to deal with real-life situations like a hero!

Personalisation @ MakeMyTale

At MakeMyTale we take personalisation very seriously. Personalisation is not just about including your child’s name or photograph. It is about creating a story that the child can relate to and form an immediate bond with. Each of our books is also accompanied with a unique surprise element to amuse and engage¬† the child.

Why MakeMyTale Books?

Your child is the HERO of the story!

We personalise our stories and make your child the main character of the book. Yes! your child literary is the HERO of the story. Children see themselves dealing with real life situations like a hero and realise their true potential.

Carefully Selected Stories

Our stories are new and especially designed keeping in mind the day to day things our kids deal with. We have given special attention to the emotions, struggles, dreams and situations they face in everyday life.

Simple yet Educative

The language in our books is simple yet not preachy. It’s like communicating with kids in their language and imparting invaluable education. We have also made a conscious effort to show the importance of very close relationships, which we normally take for granted.

Parent’s Reviews

We loved how MakeMyTale has personalised their books  in the true sense of the word. My child also looks forward to surprises that come along with the book.

Nitin Manchanda, Delhi

My Child’s interest in Books

  • Regular Books 30%
  • MakeMyTale Books 80%

Industry Expert’s Opinion

In the education industry we observe hundreds of young children daily. It is a known fact that children cannot be preached into doing anything. They do it willingly only when they can relate to it. MakeMyTale books have stories that children can completely relate to. The child can visualize themselves in all their stories. That is where 'MakeMyTale' scores way over any other kind of books out there for children of this age category.

Purvesh Sharma

Co- Founder, Footprints Childcare

“If you do not like to read you haven’t found the right book”

– J.K. Rowling