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About Us

Our Philosophy



In the story of  my life,
Am the HERO, Am the Light,
Through the darkness and the struggles,
You’ll find me shining bold and bright !!!

MakeMyTale was started with the sole initiative of getting children to read !!!

To provide them with  stories that they can relate to. Everyday stories about themselves, their dreams, their aspirations, their everyday struggles. Not just stories about super heroes who save the world, but stories where they themselves are the HERO of their own life. Where they take it upon themselves to overcome obstacles.
Inspiring stories for children, about children ! Our collection is varied from personal stories, to adventures to fact based, knowledge series.

But in all our stories, your child will be the MAIN character, the lead HERO of the story.
We believe that this will help them get involved in a story much more than regular books . The aim is to make reading as attractive and interesting as watching Television or eating a packet of junk food. To capture their imagination and keep them glued to the words that weave their tale rather than any electronic screen.