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The Genius Series

Pack of 3 books

Price: $90.00

‘The Genius series’ is a trilogy of short stories based on everyday situations of a child. These could in fact, be stories of your own child. Each story is a unique combination of logic and magic which takes the child on an inspirational journey to cultivate excellence. These books come with several personalisation elements that try to make book reading a permanent habit in your child. To make reading far more interesting than chips and mobile!!!

Books in this Series

The Genius in You (Part 1 of 3)

Description : The Genius in You !- is an endearing story of a small boy who struggles to complete his everyday tasks. His story is your child’s story, in fact every child’s story. The story touches on both magic and science, to look within ourselves to find inspiration. It also emphasises that the road to excellence can be achieved by doing an activity repeatedly to create a permanent habit.

Will our child find his magical soul mate and BFF to help him on his journey through life or will he lose him forever?

Read on and find out.

Price: $40.00

Genius Magical Camp  (Part 2 of 3)

Description: ‘The Genius Magical Camp’ is a fun and adventurous story of a boy and his 3 friends who go on a camping trip and get lost in a dense forest. While the children are scared and tired, their bond of friendship is tested in tough times.

Will the Magical Genius re-appear and help them find a way out of the forest? Or will the children overcome their fears and use their instincts and practical knowledge to find a way out of the forest.

This story beautifully depicts how friendship and bonding can help a person overcome all difficulties and obstacles in life. Read on and enjoy – your very own, personal adventure with your real life friend’s names all along the story.

Price: $40.00

Genius shrinks mummy – Part 3 of 3

Description:  Genius shrinks Mummy!- is the mesmerising story of a small boy who accidentally shrinks his parents. This could be the wish of any child who feels bogged down with all the instructions and rules that parents dictate on their children . He then, becomes the parents’ parent! But will our boy be able to handle the responsibility of being a parent in this equation. This magical journey brings with it a multitude of  learnings and realisation for our little child.

Will our small boy be able to bring back his mini-sized parents to their original size or will they always live in their mini dream world?

Read on and find out.

Price: $40.00

Toddler Books

The Day you were Born 

Description:  The Day You Were Born – is a sweet little poem about your toddler and how the entire universe seemed a much more beautiful place, on the day that your baby was born. The birds sang and the wind blew a sweet lullaby. How the trees looked much greener and the sun and clouds fought to have a look at your baby. This book aptly describes the feelings of a parent on how special the world felt on the day his child was born.

Depicted with beautiful illustrations to capture your baby’s imagination and describing all the natural elements of nature in their full glory, this is a perfect personalized gift for your toddler which has the baby’s latest photograph as well as the snap of his first day in this beautiful world.

Read on and find out.

Price: $40.00


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