Experts' Opinion - MakeMyTale

Experts’ Opinion

In the education industry we observe hundreds of young children daily, It is a known fact that children cannot be preached into doing anything. They do it willingly only when they can relate to it. MakeMyTale books have stories that children can completely relate to. The child can visualize themselves in all their stories. That’s where ‘MakeMyTale’ scores way over any other kind of books out there for children of this age category.

Purvesh Sharma

Co- Founder, Footprints Childcare

The short story has a message, which comes through a fun, creative age-appropriate plot. It is likely to capture the child’s interest and imagination. The main child’s character is well written and is universally relatable. It captures well the conflict of homework vs playtime that is experienced by all school-going children alike. The dialogues are crisp and should appeal to kids as well as their parents. I particularly liked the dialogues between Genius and the main character.

The plot has just the right element of magic that should drive the kid’s imagination, while not making it sound unrealistic or fantastical. The ending, where Genius disappears leaving a letter asking the child to believe in herself, is written well and seems to tie up the story well.

Note: Ira is also editor of “The Genius Series”

Ira Pundeer

Freelance Editor, Penguin Random House